Lusso - Heritage

The history and background of our brand.  The why.  The heart.

The richest affections are born out of meaningful experiences.  The carpenter’s son is drawn to the scent of sawdust.  The child of a sailor longs to return to the salty sea air.  Here at Lusso Fine Motorcars, the passion lies in the heady atmosphere of fresh motor oil, while studying the curves of a Ferrari, or the symphony of 12 cylinders singing in harmony— all with a thirsty quest for the narrative behind them.  These are the deep roots of Lusso.  This is the place where adrenaline, steering wheels, and our love of the story are passed onto you.  Walking into a haven where each car is revered for it’s unique history, character, and detail.  We passionately pursue fine automobiles that embody the rich heritage they deserve.  At Lusso Fine Motorcars, we don’t sweat the details of all things automotive, instead we absorb them.

If you share our passion for the art and provenance of fine motorcars, you should discover Lusso Fine Motorcars.

Because The Road Less Traveled Leads To Remarkable Treasure.