Introducing our Lusso Consignment Concierge Service.  We understand motorcars are much more than a collection of sheet metal fortuitously bent into shapes that elevate heart rates — but a celebration of character, ingenuity, heritage, and craftsmanship that truly honor the open road.  At Lusso Fine Motorcars, we recognize that the relationship between man and machine began long ago, perhaps as an extension of taming the beast in pursuit of true freedom.

We believe that every car tells a personal story, but every man’s journey within it, an even better one.  It’s our never-ending pursuit to seek out and curate motorcars that honor the passion of these visionaries and their legendary machines — setting the stage to craft the next chapter of your tale.  When the time comes to let go of your prized possession, we understand what it takes to represent your car for what it is — Rolling Artwork with individual uniqueness and character.


Why Consign With Lusso?

Take the hassle out of selling your vehicle by having Lusso Fine Motorcars handle the advertising, selling, negotiating, financing, and delivery!  Don’t stress about having to answer a bunch of phone calls and texts from people trying to low-ball you!  We'll make the entire process very simple and enjoyable for you!

  • No Upfront Or Monthly Fees
  • Highline Indoor Showroom
  • Local, National, & Worldwide Exposure
  • Advertising On All Major Car Buying Websites & Dealer-Only Websites
  • The Ability To Offer Financing To A Potential Buyer
  • High Quality Pictures, Potential Videos, & Comprehensive Write-Ups
  • The Lusso Fine Motorcars staff will keep your car clean and will perform “Storage Maintenance” such as ensuring batteries are on trickle chargers, inflating tires as needed, and moving the vehicle to ensure no flat spotting of your tires occur


  • 1-hour inspection & appraisal by a Lusso Fine Motorcars Appraiser
  • Title or Application-For-Title in the name of the person consigning the vehicle
  • Driver's License for each owner listed on the title
  • Any documentation showcasing the history and work performed on the vehicle
  • Vehicle must have a completely clean CarFax
  • Copy of insurance policy showing Full Coverage at all times
  • Vehicle’s VIN must be present and easily readable on the vehicle and must match the VIN on the title
  • We also ask that your car be clean, complete, & in solid working order before we take delivery. If needed, we offer several detailing options to make the vehicle ready for display & sale

Other Info

  • After vehicle sells for a reasonable amount above the agreed upon price, Lusso does collect 8% of the sale price.
  • 90 Day Contract – If after 90 days your vehicle has not sold, we will ask you to come pick it up or you can store it with us via our storage program.


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