Lusso - Storage

Lusso was born for those who yearn for extraordinary machines and the inherent character within. It is a celebration of all that comes to life beneath that skin of enamel and steel; the backstory, and the insight discovered through a relentless pursuit for knowledge. We applaud each car’s unique persona, one that is further enhanced by individual ownership — and shared among those with an uncommon bond.

Here are a few reasons exotic car owners choose to store exotics at Lusso Fine Motorcars:

  • Lusso Fine Motorcars is conveniently located in North Scottsdale, near Scottsdale Airport and Westworld.
  • Lusso makes it easy for owners to access their priced possessions when they want. We’re open normal business hours, 9am to 4pm Monday – Friday, and weekends by appointment, but offer Valet and delivery services to suit our clients needs.
  • Lusso Storage offers long-term or short-term, climate-controlled Scottsdale exotic car storage.
  • Lusso provides excellent security features like 24-7 video monitoring and a non-descript building that uses many of the same security features in place at many of the top exotic car dealerships.

When you desire secure climate-controlled storage for your collectable or exotic, Lusso Fine Motorcars is your first choice!

Call 602-659-2373 to learn more about our programs for your classic or exotic car storage needs.