Lusso - Detailing


Remember how wonderful it felt to drive your car when it was brand new. It felt like it drove better, didn’t it? Get ready for a little déjà vu as Lusso gets your car cleaner than you thought possible, inside and out, and even in places you didn’t even know you should clean.

Lusso - Storage


Lusso was born for those who yearn for extraordinary machines and the inherent character within. It is a celebration of all that comes to life beneath that skin of enamel and steel; the backstory, and the insight discovered through a relentless pursuit for knowledge. We applaud each car’s unique persona, one that is further enhanced by individual ownership — and shared among those with an uncommon bond.

Lusso - Rim Repair

Rim Repair

We specialize in repairing: Curb-damaged wheels, all aluminum wheel damage, including polished, painted, and powder-coated. All of our repairs are permanent and we do not use fillers.